Briefly about our studio

We are a team of soulmates having a desire to create something tremendous, we have a passion for big ideas; we pay attention to minor details and aspire to make a single project unique.

Our studio specializes in providing services on a turnkey basis. Our customers know the value of time and understand that their investments in the Internet industry encourage their business prosperity.

Turning ideas into excellent results.

Our priority is an individual approach to the development of our customer businesses; we are result-oriented and we tend to build long-lasting business relationships.

We are an intellectual team who value mutual respect, open-mindedness and self-development.

Our core values

  1. We provide a lifetime warranty for the sites and applications we create. If you find some mistakes in operation, we will fix them quickly.
  2. We solve tasks assigned by our customers and not vice versa. We do not adapt ready solutions for the existing tasks.
  3. We think before we start working. If we find a solution, we pin it in the terms of reference and start constructing a website. Our layout designers and programmers only start working when the purpose is clear.
  4. We defend our professional views. Our customers know their matter, and we know our job.
  5. When we do our job, we become result-oriented, and we do not try to «fit» our employers cliches.
  6. We are interested in the working capacity of the future projects, therefore we will be happy to help you if you need our professional advice.
  7. We respect our customers, value their time, money and effort. And we expect the same from them.