Web-design and construction

Website is primarily a tool which helps get all the necessary information about a good or a service. That is why the primary task of a web-design is to create the most convenient and user-friendly website which will provide the information the easiest and the most understandable way.

The site structure and navigation development is one of our major tasks. Visitors ready to proceed three times are rare that is why you need to consider customer «site journeys» thoroughly.

When developing a website, we think over how to lead a site visitor from a landing page through a product catalog with prices to an order form or a contact page so that the visitor transforms into a customer.

Responsive web-design

The vast majority of internet users do not only use personal computers to surf websites. A big proportion of them uses mobile devices to connect to the internet: laptops, tablets and smartphones.

Our team develops websites for all kinds of devices from a PC to a smartphone.

You no longer need to create a mobile version of your website. You no longer need to write a programming code for a mobile phone and a computer. Now the task is being solved by an adaptive layout.

The professional adaptive layout enables a quality image in any browser with various screen resolutions and on any modern devices.