Website and applications development

Each user, being a potential customer or a partner, utilizes the Internet to search for the necessary information about goods or services. He has a thousand of offers, immediate consultations, forums and reviews, opinions and advice. How to make a user pay attention to exactly your website, a product or a service?

First, you need to clarify the following things:

  1. Define the tasks performed by your website.
  2. Define your target audience and the target segment to orient your website on.
  3. Analyze the rivals, define their strengths and weaknesses.
  4. Design your concept thoroughly concerning the target audience data.

At the first stage you need to define the tasks for your website. We do not only consider visible tasks, but also talk to our employer and elicit the invisible tasks which can be completed by a website. When designing, the right concept design is at the forefront, we do not tend to inflate the budget.

We often convince our employer that we do not need certain sections of a website if they are ambiguous. Such declines are not profitable for us, but from the point of view of brand image — when our customer wins, so do we.

Then we consider and analyze the target audience of a website. Who needs this website? What do those people look for? What questions do they want to be responded to? Answering these questions accurately means to provide a solid grounding for a website development. Here we have a help of the analysis of reports on demand for certain internet products or services, the communication with managers of the employer’s company, and the search and selection of the base material.