Corporate identity

Corporate identity highlights the unicity of a company, makes it different from other similar companies and makes customers and partners remember it.

When a person holds a business card in his hands, or a corporate leaflet, he does not think about the company mission or brand values, but he can immediately notice a tacky design and template thinking.

Our job results not only distinguish you from rivals but also make people trust you even if you’ve just met.

You need to keep in mind the target audience and the company’s activity when developing a logo and other elements of the corporate identity.

Why order a corporate identity at your company?

One can draw a fancy picture which will look good at the computer screen or will be printed in A4 format, but will be absolutely inappropriate for a company.

We create logos and design the corporate identity elements with regards to their further appearance on different items: leaflets, blanks, business cards, etc.

Result of the corporate identity development

After we agreed on a logo and your corporate identity you will receive a complete file package with various ways to use them. The package includes a vector logo, corporate color scheme, font schemes and business card prototypes as well as other specified printed materials.